Experienced nuclear supply chain specialist who supported the UK Government with the identification, integration, development and promotion of the UK supply chain for new nuclear build projects as well as decommissioning. 

Working closely with the then Department for Business Innovation and Skills I led relationship engagements with tier 1 and 2 companies to identify work packages and linked these to the supply chain to generate opportunities – helping to ensure the supply chain were ready and able to meet pre-qualification requirements as well as wider tendering expectations.  The work also ensured supplier development to provide confidence on the ability to deliver to time, quality and cost.    

Associate steering committee member for Wales Nuclear Forum. The Wales Nuclear Forum is the leading pan-Wales forum, which provides a platform for strategic engagement between the nuclear industry and Welsh-based suppliers. 


BIS, UKTI & Nuclear AMRC

I led on securing commercial contracts for UK supply chain companies in the nuclear new build and decommissioning sector.  Winning work for the supply chain by helping them to know what work was available from teir 1 and 2 suppliers, what pre-qualification requirements would be needed, assistance in tendering and assistance in ensuring the supply chain firms could deliver to time, budget and quality. This work supported the Government Department Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) and UKTI on the Government Supply Chain Optimisation Strategy (SCOS). This was a strategic approach, sponsored by UK Government, for taking action to support the development of the UK supply chain in winning and delivering work in the UK nuclear industry.


  • Responsible for building relationships between supply chain companies in the UK and International clients – tier 1 and 2 companies
  • Developing UK supply chain companies to meet PQQ requirements
  • Working with the supply chain on recognised supplier development programmes to get them fit for nuclear and competitive
  • Supporting UK firms to compete for new build opportunities;
  • Connecting UK manufacturing companies who could deliver packages of work to the opportunity, at all tiers within the nuclear supply chain.
  • Supporting collaboration initiatives between International and UK companies

This also included:

  • Holding and leading the relationship with teir 1 and 2 companies to understand their procurement strategies and their procurement timetables
  • Working with tier 1 and 2 companies to match potential supply chain companies to procurements  – help to develop suppliers to become eligible or provide confidence for contracts to be awarded
  • Site visits and audits around the UK with supply chain companies – identification of development areas, production of development plans and putting in place systems to raise quality and competitiveness

Supplier Development (Fit for Nuclear Programme)

Through the Department for Business Innovation and Skills I supported the development of suppliers for Government’s Fit for Nuclear Programme ran by the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and connected them to market opportunities.

Completing programme supplier gap analysis activities, through to reporting and development planning. Aligned to standards expected by the reactor vendors and their supply chain partners.

This covered:

  • Strategy and leadership
  • Design and project management
  • People excellence
  • Process excellence
  • Health & safety culture
  • Quality management

South West Manufacturing Advisory Service (SWMAS)

A Nuclear sector adviser, leading, supporting & advising regional business on requirements and expectations for the Nuclear industry.

This entailed:

  • Key relationship building with Westminster and Welsh Government departments & Institutions
  • Facilitating, building and supporting supply chains through EDFs nuclear process (PQQ, ITT etc.)
  • Human performance & nuclear safety culture

Somerset Chamber of Commerce (Hinkley Supply Chain)

During my time with HPCSC i was involved in:

  • Steering committee meeting
  • Site visits with EDF
  • Supply chain event
  • Audit supporting activities
  • Supply chain development & engagement
  • Supporting nuclear clusters and their development
  • Key relationship building
  • Advising businesses on how to achieve and sustain Nuclear standards


  • Engineering (all aspects)
  • Electrical       
  • Construction
  • Waste (None Nuclear)
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